In the fall of 2009, leaving behind New York, Vik moved to the soulful city of Austin, Texas, to transport his dreams to reality. Vik Jewelers is the artful fabrication of those dreams.

A designer by profession, Vik has been in the jewelry business for 28 years, closely acquainting himself with the jewelry making process. He started with the wholesale of diamonds, and precious stones, and gradually moved onto the manufacture of diamond jewelry in New York City.

Vik Jewelers has become a neighborhood jewelry store with the constant support from our patrons.


We, at Vik Jewelers believe in quality and community. Our skill for custom designing jewelry using customers’ diamonds and precious stones has been widely appreciated, as it preserves the sentiments of our valued clients.

Vik has constantly helped better community services by contributing toward local charitable causes that are close to his heart.